About Us

System-R soft is Sri Lankan freelance team who have interest in software and web technologies.

Year 2002 we start develop software for windows platform. Since then more than 10 years we have extended our development to various platforms. Currently we are doing business application development for windows, web site and web application development, android application development and games development.

We are paying special attention to maintain hi-quality of our projects. You may visit our download page for download free versions of our projects. If you need any customized version of our project or if you are looking for developers for your project we would be happy to assist you.

Contact us true email for more details.

          Contact us: SystemR4U@gmail.com

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Our Old Websites

2002 – 2009 : SRLK.CR.RS
2009 – 2011 : SR.CR.RS
2011 - 2013 : SRSOFT.CR.RS