3D Wallpaper

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3D Live Wallpaper for your android phone or tablet. HD quality, Fast, Light weight 3D Live wallpaper.

Free version available without ads.

Full version of System-R 3D live wallpaper will allow you to customize light, size and speed of rotation.

  • Ghost Mod
  • Touch Sense
  • Background Color Customize
  • 3D Object Transparency Customize
  • Rotate Screen Support
  • More...


Download System-R 3D Live Wallpaper from play

Version History

Version 4.0 - 2012-10-28

What’s new:
  • Object color animation
  • Object color customize
  • Object color animation lock option

Version 3.0 - 2012/08/13

whats new:
  • Camera animation Background color animation
  • Touch animation
  • Ghost mod 3D
  • object transparent animation
  • 3D object tint animation
  • Settings can access from application mode
  • Background color customize
  • 3D object transparency customize
  • Camera animation on/Off customize

Version 2.0 - 2012/07/05

what's new:

  • Settings option added for wallpaper selection.
  • Animated 3D Object(X) size customize
  • Animation speed customize
  • Light position customization

Version 1.0 -2012/07/02 Initial release.

Customization saving option only available in fill version

Tested in : ZeniThink C91 (Android 4), Galaxy Nexus (4.0.4 IMM76L) , Sony Ericsson Neo (4.0.4), Sony Ericsson Ray, HTC Legend (2.2), Galaxy Y